#LansingWalks: The Alien Trail

Clover in tinfoil hat; Fig, mortified and opting out.


To begin the trek, park in the public parking lot at the Brenke Fish Ladder and hop right on the Lansing River Trail heading south toward downtown. The Brenke Fish Ladder is not a Scandinavian eatery, but an actual thing that helps fish get over the dam in the Grand River without getting hurt. Joka tiesi?

Brenke Fish Ladder


Follow the River Trail. Crossing under Saginaw Street you will come up to follow the loop into downtown that I detailed HERE as the Capital City Mile.

Capital City Mile


From the Social Sloth Café, travel straight down S. Washington Avenue. You will spot the monolith at the corner of Elm Street, conveniently resting in front of Sleepwalker Brewery. [*Note: you will want to check with the aliens before you visit, as the monolith seems to be transporting itself to different locations around Lansing on a regular basis.]

Monolith, second from left. Alien PHOTO CREDIT via https://www.facebook.com/MiMonolith2020


Head north, straight back up Washington, turn right at Sleepwalker’s (Elm St.), cross over the river and make an immediate left to walk the Lansing River Trail on the east side of the Grand River.

Red stars are Old Town stops, indicated below


Lansing is known for its vibrant street art and there are some beautiful examples in Old Town (aka Lansing’s Art District). My favorite:

Artist: Nanibah Nani Chacon at 1207 Turner
Jazz Fest mural produced by MICA & REACH STUDIO ART CENTER at Turner alley
If this corner could talk…
A block of César E. Chávez Avenue in Lansing’s Old Town
Scrap Fest Sculpture in Preuss Pets parking lot. I warned you.
Clover and the Michigan Monolith


#LansingWalks: Capital City Mile



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