Grab your dog, stop for snacks, wear tinfoil

When the aliens dropped a monolith in Lansing, Michigan a week ago, they put this walk on the map. They obviously wanted human life-forms to explore Old Town, take to the River Trail, and discover the ghosts of 1915 Speed Wagons racing through the heart of REO Town. We have obliged the extraterrestrials…

The Michigan monolith is eight feet tall and made out of an unidentified metal. …

Grab your dog, walk through history, drink coffee

Lansing, Michigan

Some walks are meditative, some are social.

This one-mile walking route into downtown Lansing, Michigan is different: it is designed for noticing.

You will want to take a dog or two, as dogs are keen noticers and a pup will help you see things you would otherwise overlook. Pay attention to what catches a dog’s eye…then look beyond.

Jean MacLeod

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